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Movement Afterparties

Good thing they go until noon since I got lost for 3 hours…

There are all sorts of various after parties that take place all over Detroit during Movement once the festival ends at midnight. I saw a flyer for this one at an ice cream truck at the festival. Many of them — like this one — go until noon the next day!

I’m amused that the first step given by the Google Maps public transit directions in Detroit is: “Drive a car”

I guess cars are considered public transit in motor city.

Update: To be fair to Detroit, there actually is public transport to and from the airport. I took a city bus from my hotel to the airport to catch my departing flight, and it was clean, inexpensive ($2), and dropped off right outside the terminal. I think perhaps they simply weren’t running that late in the evening when I flew in, leaving driving or taxi/Lyft/Uber as the only other reasonable alternative to get downtown.